2019 TEAM SENKARIK Collector Event Show CATALOG

Our 2019 TEAM SENKARIK Collector Event was Wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who joined us, it was such a treat to visit with you and give you a BIG HUG. Because of my awesome collectors our party was a huge success! As JACK would say, “Much Obliged!”


“Revel in Serenity”

Image 24″ x 34″  Outside of Signature Frame 30″ x 40″  $3,990

I don’t know about you but it seems for me that every day is more hectic than the previous one. Painting this piece was like taking a deep breath, filling my lungs with fresh air. A chance to stop, smell the flowers and “Revel in the Serenity” of the colorful garden. The Monarch Butterfly, floating gracefully from blossom to blossom, was a last minute inspiration!

Please remember, you may click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

“Soft Caribbean Breeze”

Image 15″ x 19″  Outside of Signature Frame 20″ x 24″  $1,690   SOLD

Do you yearn to escape the hustle-bustle of your busy schedule? Take a deep breath and jump on a magic carpet to this serene terrace overlooking Trunk Bay on the beautiful island of St. John. Located in the Virgin Islands where yellow, pink and turquoise homes glow in the warm sunshine. With this Senkarik “Billboard of Happiness” in your home or office you will always be able to pause and enjoy the feel of the “Soft Caribbean Breeze” on your face anytime the craziness of daily life overwhelms you.

“Unexpected Encounter”

Image 24″ x 30″  Outside of Signature Frame 30″ x 36″  $3,290   SOLD

Searching for more nectar one of the Hummingbirds is shocked to find a little Tiger Kitty in the nicho. I have a feeling the “Unexpected Encounter” is a complete surprise for both!

I compose my paintings by capturing all of my ideas on paper before work on the canvas begins. Here’s my sketch for this year’s SHOWSTOPPER PAINTING, “Elegant Retreat”. As a special THANK YOU I’m going to give my original Pen and Ink drawing to the lucky collector who purchases “Elegant Retreat”.

“Elegant Retreat”

Image 42″ x 32″  Outside of Signature Frame 48″ x 38″  $6,990  

The price includes the Senkarik original pen and ink sketch!

I fell in love with this door the very first time I saw it in 1990 when Jack took me to visit all 21 of the California Missions. The beautiful blue portal was tucked away in the courtyard at Mission San Juan Bautista. The entire painting is designed around the doorway, I’ve made up the courtyard based on memories of different places we’ve traveled over the years. Brilliant sunlight illuminating the building in the background invites the viewer to walk up the graceful steps of this “Elegant Retreat” to that gorgeous blue door!

“Washed with Sunshine”

Image 19″ x 15″  Outside of Signature Frame 24″ x 20″  $1,690   SOLD

One of the most charming sights in the Greek Islands is the little burros, clip-clopping up and down steps through the narrow passageways, serving as “Delivery Trucks”. It’s so fun when strolling though the twisting alleys to come around a corner and catch a glimpse of one “Washed with Sunshine”!

“Towers of San Gimignano”

Image 8″ x 6″  Outside of Signature Frame 12″ x 10″  $ 490   SOLD

The “Towers of San Gimignano” rise high above fields of Lavender and cheerful Sunflowers in Tuscany.

“Spirit of Spring”

Image 8″ x 6″  Outside of Signature Frame 12″ x 10″  $ 490   SOLD

Nothing like a field of Bluebonnets and a Red Barn to fill your heart with the “Spirit of Spring” in Texas!

“Assisi Sunrise”

Image 8″ x 6″  Outside of Signature Frame 12″ x 10″  $ 490   SOLD

Poppies glow in the soft light of the “Assisi Sunrise”.

“Nestled by the Chapel”

Image 11″ x 11″  Outside of Signature Frame 16″ x 16″  $ 690   SOLD

Shadows dancing across the Gothic Architecture of the famous Loretto Chapel can be seen from this pleasant courtyard “Nestled by the Chapel”.

“Positively Provence”

Image 11″ x 11″  Outside of Signature Frame 16″ x 16″  $ 690   SOLD

If you’re like me you just can’t pass up a flower shop, especially one that is “Positively Provence”! The green door, red and white striped umbrella and colorful “Fleurs” tugged at my heartstrings, beckoning me to paint this delightful setting.

“Flower Girl in Training”

Image 11″ x 11″  Outside of Signature Frame 16″ x 16″  $ 690   SOLD

Guess you’ve noticed I adore burros and this precious filly absolutely stole my heart! Won’t be long before the sweet little “Flower Girl in Training” will be carrying baskets filled with blossoms, all on her own. Meanwhile she’s learning the ropes from her patient Mama! Can’t you just imagine the smiles the pair brings to people along their delivery route!

“Please Don’t Wake the Baby”

Image 11″ x 11″  Outside of Signature Frame 16″ x 16″  $ 690   SOLD

A trio of Hummingbirds happily cavort around bright flowers protected by a tired little kitten. Bet he’s worn himself out helping his “humans” with the gardening. Can’t you just hear the hummers quietly squeaking, “Please Don’t Wake the Baby”?

“Essence of Santa Fe”

Image 11″ x 11″  Outside of Signature Frame 16″ x 16″  $ 690

Exploring the “City Different” delights one’s heart. Bright flowers, colorful doorways, folk art crosses and chance encounters with roosters are the “Essence of Santa Fe.” 

“Whispers of the Cote d’Azur”

Image 24″ x 34″  Outside of Signature Frame 30″ x 40″  $3,990

The southern coast of France is magical. Warm Mediterranean breezes, bright bougainvilleas and rugged, creamy stone buildings make this one of Jack’s and my favorite places to travel. Strolling through this colorful courtyard filled my soul with “Whispers of the Cote d’Azur”.

The following paintings, just a little bit different, were designed especially as a surprise for my Collector Event this year. I call this series “BURSTING WITH BLOOMS”  because the flowers actually “BURST” out into the Senkarik/White Signature Frame!

“Shimmer of White”

Image 19″ x 9″  Outside of Signature Frame 24″ x 14″  $1,990

Asiatic Lilies are an iridescent “Shimmer of White” against the rich, red background.

“Effervescent Irises”

Image 19″ x 9″  Outside of Signature Frame 24″ x 14″  $1,990

Last Christmas I was blessed with a completely out of the blue and surprising show of “Effervescent Irises” in our garden. Taking lots of pictures of these early arrivals, as they were a couple of months ahead of schedule, I promised myself to paint the huge yellow gems. So here they are!

“Colorful Explosion”

Image 19″ x 25″  Outside of Signature Frame 24″ x 30″  $2,990   SOLD

I love Poppies, they always make me smile. Let these multicolored beauties POP into your heart with a “Colorful Explosion”!

You may Call 505.988.5545 to add any of the remaining pieces to your collection.

Words can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate all of your support and encouragement over the years! My TEAM SENKARIK Members are the BEST!

With Colorful Smiles and Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG



4 Responses to “2019 TEAM SENKARIK Collector Event Show CATALOG”

  1. Liz Mc Cann Says:

    Thank you so much Mikki for sharing your beautiful catalogue of your wonderful colourful paintings, you surely bring great happiness to a lot of people…x

  2. RIma Says:

    You have such a gift! Very inspiring!

  3. roseherczeg Says:

    I hope you sell all of them! How beautiful! If I was rich, I’d buy EVERY one! You are amazing! Love them all, Mikki! Hugs! xo

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