Pines and Trumpet Vine


VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Distant Trees

The rows of the vineyard are blocked in with several mixes of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Yellow Medium + White. After the vines are painted the posts supporting them are drawn into the wet paint with MUD + Liquin.

Now that the background is complete, construction on the old stone villa begins. The walls are covered with mixes in various proportions of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Cadmium Orange + a bit of Cadmium Yellow Medium + White. The darker, shadow mixtures contain more MUD.

I come back with a mix of MUD + Liquin to make the crevices between the rugged, irregular stones.

The shadows on the door are combinations of Cadmium Red Deep + Alizarin Crimson while the sunny portions are made with pure Cadmium Red Light.

The red door is finished up by highlighting the edges of the individual boards and adding the handle.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Trumpet Vine

The bright Red-Orange Trumpet Vine tumbles over the tile roof and down the rock wall. That’s all for this session, I’ll be working on the flowers and Daisy next. Hope you’ll come back to my studio and watch! With Colorful Smiles,




2 Responses to “Pines and Trumpet Vine”

  1. Fatima Says:

    Hello Mikki…plz let me know what colours will you be using for the bougainvillea because in Peaceful Valley the colours of bougainvillea were so bright and beautiful!

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