Painting Fall Foliage


VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Fall Foliage

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Adding the Tree Trunks

The brilliant fall foliage in the background is finished, let’s begin painting the rocks tumbling down the slope. They are blocked in with several shades of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Cadmium Orange + a touch of Ultramarine Blue + White.

Rocks continue over the edge and on to the side of the gallery wrap canvas.

Strokes of Ultramarine Blue + White + a tiny bit of the rock color are added here and there. This helps to give the impression that the large boulders are wet from water splashing wildly from the fast running stream.

Jeana asked me to etch the saying “Love You Forever” into one of the boulders. This is accomplished using a fine liner brush dipped in a mix of MUD + Liquin. Please remember, you may click on this or any of the other images to see them larger.

She also requested that I add this Mother and Daughter design, along with the initials of her niece and her little girl.

We’ve got the background and rocks along the mountain stream done, I’ll be painting the Polar Bears in our next session. Come watch, I’ve NEVER painted these creamy white animals before. I’m planning on doing a video so we’ll see how they go! With Colorful Smiles,



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