A Fish Out of Water!


You may have been wondering what I’ve been up to since I haven’t blogged for a while. WELL, I’ve been asked to lead the WELCOME HOME TEAM that is responsible for making our Church SAFE for return to services in our Worship Center on May 24th. We are limited to 25% capacity but re-opening requires LOTS of Logistical Planning. Sanitizing, Social Distancing, Greeters, Ushers, Elders, Signage and doing an Educational Video for our Congregation. Frankly I feel like a Fish Out of Water. Or better yet, an Artist out of the Studio! Fortunately God has blessed me with an amazing Team that is showing the way: helping, supporting and encouraging.

At least designing and painting signs was somewhat familiar territory. Although I haven’t done any hand lettering for signs since High School, like riding a bicycle, it came back pretty quickly.

We don’t want to be the COVID COPS. Had to come up with some fun ways to say MASKS MANDATORY without sounding quite so harsh. Looking at these you might think I was a crazy cat lady! You may click on the picture to see it larger.

Some of our cleaning team did a test run on sanitizing all the pews. We have 40 min. between services to Git ‘er Done! And we found the time to be totally adequate for our crew to sanitize pews, the pulpit, other touch points in the Worship Center, doors and restrooms. We have to work quickly, with three services on Sunday Morning it will be a good workout.

We took a little break from practicing to watch the Thunderbirds Fly Over the Medical Center which is just a block away from my Church. This was to honor all corona virus Front Line Workers and First Responders. How thankful we are for not only the sacrifices they make, but their families as well. Please keep them in your prayers.

Going to Church will be different for a while, I’m just so thankful that we can begin moving in this direction. Our primary concern is the safety of our Shepherd Family, so we’re moving in baby steps. I’ve been super busy and haven’t had a chance to paint, hopefully will be able to get back to the easel soon. Just thought you’d like to what I’ve been up to! Please pray the virus will be eradicated soon and everyone will be able to return back to a more normal life. With Big Hugs,


© Senkarik 2020

8 Responses to “A Fish Out of Water!”

  1. Deanna Zanoni Says:

    Hi Mikki, missed your emails. So glad you are well and helping out at your church. God bless you. Keep up the the good work. We all do what we can. My girl friend is making masks for the hospitals here, so I give her the money for material and supplies. I don’t have a sewing machine or I would help that way. God bless you, keep up the wonderful work. Think of you every time I look at one of your paintings. Much love and many hugs.😇. You are an Angel. Deanna Zanoni

  2. Patti Lynch Says:

    Praying for the country to return to normal soon! Praying that our churches will open and all will stay safe and well. May God continue to bless you in all you do Mikki! God is good!

  3. Stacy Cobb Says:

    Its a lot of work. The signage looks great and it’s easy to understand! You and your team are doing a great job.
    God bless all of you.

  4. roseherczeg Says:

    Mikki, I love this and what you are doing as a volunteer to your church. The signs are lovely, bright and cheerful. I would rather miss your painting sessions and know that you are serving the Lord at a time He needs you the most. Your talents go far beyond painting! God bless and praying for your Church, that the Lord will keep you all healthy and safe.

  5. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    Happy to see God is helping His people get back to prayer. Wanted you also to know I received my masks today and the order is perfect. I love the paintings on them and feel so blessed because I need to go to the grocery store and now will feel much more protected than I did with the paper dust mask I had used once before. Thank you for offering this fantastic idea. The Lord be with you always. May God Bless

  6. Ray Dane Says:

    You are one talented lady! May God bless you mightily for all your good work.

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Elaine H. Kolodziej Says:

    Mikki, you are quite an inspiration! Love that slightly humorous, light-hearted approach to a very serious subject! Well done! 🙂

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