Gleaming in the Sun

Tall chimneys cast long shadows across the warm roofs and white buildings.

The windows and flower boxes on this building are made with Pthalo Blue + White. This hue is more intense than the window and shutter color used on the building to the left. Because this building is closer to the viewer, the intense colors help to make it come forward, while the more muted colors on the structure to the left recede.

The roof and chimney of a shorter building in the middle ground are illuminated by the sparkling light.

Geraniums and Sweet Potato Vine spill out of the flower boxes in the distance.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Magenta Vine tumbling over the roof.

Bougainvilleas made of Permanent Rose + White cover the roof of the house in the foreground. Combinations of Viridian Green + Cadmium Yellow Medium are used for the foliage. 

“Gleaming in the Sun”

Feel the warmth of the brilliant Mediterranean sun as it dapples over the rooftops, warming the terra cotta tiles and making the stucco buildings GLEAM IN THE SUN!

Adopt this cheerful EMBRYO to brighten your home with glistening sunshine. This 10 inch by 10 inch Embryo on Cradled Panel with Black Edges is valued at $590. BUT RIGHT NOW “Gleaming in the Sun” is specially priced, just for my TEAM SENKARIK Family, at $490. Just CLICK HERE to make this baby Senkarik Original Oil Painting ALL YOURS!



© Senkarik 2020

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  1. Gisela Hoener Says:

    Love it, hope after the Virus

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