WOW, it’s finally here, 2021! AND I have not disappeared from the face of the earth, I’m alive and well. I had some super secret gift commissions to paint for Christmas, I couldn’t show them on my blog. But now the surprise gifts have been presented to the recipients, I can reveal them to you! Please remember as you read through this post, you may click on any of the images to see them larger.

This LIMITED ORIGINAL, “A Touch of Greece”, was commissioned as a gift for a couple who had taken a Mediterranean cruise.  

Sal is a huge University of Texas Longhorn fan so we made sure to include the UT logo just for him!

I also got to do a portrait of some wonderful friends of Jack’s and mine, Tammy and Russ. She asked me to paint Russ with the grandchildren for his Christmas present. As a surprise their son and all of Tammy’s side of the family asked me to include her in the portrait. They took lots of pictures on Thanksgiving to send as reference for me to work from.

Skooched everyone together on a love seat to make a better painting.

Tammy didn’t have a clue she was going to be in the painting. So she was as surprised as Russ when he opened it! They love their portrait and everyone in the family had a fun time conspiring in the collaboration.

This Christmas season has also been super busy because I’m in charge of all the planning, organizing and scheduling volunteers to do everything to keep our Church family safe during this strange season covid has brought. We had 6 services on Christmas Eve, one Christmas Day and then 4 more the following weekend. New Year’s weekend had 5 more worship services. So I’ve been just a bit busy. I’m still trying to get caught up but will be posting more paintings soon! 

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate your concern, support and encouragement. As we look at the vastness of the New Year looming before us, please remember this: ALL we have is this very moment. We don’t know what is going to happen in the next moment or hour, let alone the next year. We can’t control outside events BUT we can control how we handle them. Bad things may happen; however, we can choose to not let the BAD things overtake us. We can choose to make each and every moment the best that we can. Good Moments add up into Good Days. Good Days into Good Weeks. And 52 Good Weeks add up into a GOOD YEAR! Thank you for being part of my Team Senkarik Family and let’s all just Plan on Making 2021 a Good Year, NO MATTER WHAT!


© Senkarik 2021



2 Responses to “WELCOME 2021!”

  1. Ray DANE Says:

    Happy New Year Mikki. Love seeing the art that comes off the easel at your home. Be blessed.

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