Woke up Monday morning to a huge surprise in this part of Texas, SNOW!!!!!!!  I know those of you who live up in the Frozen Tundra are laughing but this is a rare occurrence here!

My studio looks so awesome, covered in the wintery blanket!

Here’s a few pictures of my garden.

It’s 28 degrees out there, still a bit too cold for this Southern girl to go sit out on the bench.

Another big surprise was NO POWER! BRRRRRRRRR!!!!! But I’ve finally got electricity and internet access, YIPPEE!!! First since 7PM Monday evening when the power came on for 1 minute! Before that it was on for 5 minutes at 6PM. The last power more than 5 minutes at a time was at 9AM Monday. Was down to 10 degrees Sunday night and 14 degrees last night. It’s been 48 degrees in the house, I’ve been bundled up today working on sketches for commissions. Fortunately, I have a gas water heater so could get a nice hot shower this morning. I’m just really thankful to Our Lord that I have a wonderful home to bundle up in.

I’m incredibly glad warmer weather is on the way! Now that my studio is brightly lit again, I’m still working on that complicated surprise portrait. So, I won’t be posting any paintings for a little while. But just wanted to share my snow pictures with you and let you know I’m OK! Thanks to everyone for your concern. You’re the BEST! With Lots of Warm Hugs,


© Senkarik 2021

22 Responses to “BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!”

  1. roseherczeg Says:

    Mikki, sending warm hugs! Thank you for the beautiful photos of your winter wonderland. So sorry about the power outage but very glad you are back up and running! thinking of you!

  2. kbasli Says:

    I think I see a future painting in these snowy photos. Stay warm and keep safe my friend.

  3. Hilda Says:

    Thanks for posting the beautiful photos of the snow there in TX. Here in TN we had some snow, ice and power outages last night also. High temperature today was 20 and tonight 15. Lots of rough weather going on in the USA this winter. Glad you are safe and sound. I appreciate all you do for all of us who enjoy watching your video painting clips.
    Thank You!

  4. Stanley Cohen Says:

    I feel for you!. I live with that mess for six months of the year in Quebec Canada! Usually I am away for the winter but wth Covid it is not possible, but I have your wonderfull paintings to remind me that somewhere in the world it is warm. Thank you!

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Stanley, I really appreciate your kind words. Bet you are missing the warmth of your winter retreat. I pray Covid is gone by next year so you don’t have to deal with the Canadian winter again. WOW, that’s COLD! Thank you for making my paintings a part of your life. With Warm Hugs, Mikki

  5. Janet Says:

    The snow looks so pretty! I was thinking of you, Mikki, when I saw the temperatures there. Glad you are OK and have lights now and have been able to keep *somewhat* warm. We know about cold here – it’s not fun when there is no power. Hope it warms up for you soon.

  6. Regina Says:

    Glad you are o.k! I am under a for of snow. Happy Snowmen!!

  7. Pete Mason Says:

    Mikki, should have saved your Christmas tree and put in the front yard. Bingo, next years Christmas cards. Great pictures!!

  8. Sandy Wilson Says:

    Wow! You have more snow than I do in nothern CA. Understand being cold though – just bought a new furnace, The old one died on the coldest day of the year so far and we were without heat three days,

  9. PierceClarkArt Says:

    God bless you! Glad to hear you are ok!!

    Have a blessed day! Donna

  10. Melanie Farmer Says:

    Thanks for the photos, there must be a painting or two with those beautiful trees against the white snow! That’s tough weather for your area. We are used to it in Maine, but sometimes when power is out, we freeze too!

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you Melanie! Yes, I definitely took pictures with paintings in mind. Love the sun streaming across the fresh snow. I admire you living in Maine, I’m a southern girl so this is enough for my thin blooded constitution! Please stay warm! HUGS, Mikki

  11. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    Sorry to hear you were without power. Here in Panama City Fla the wind from the South kept us from getting it after it left you all. But, now you have a lovely “white” yard to paint after your commission. 😉 May God Bless

  12. Jason Abbott Says:

    Hey Mikki, I’ve been thinking about you. I keep away from news but some of it filters through. I saw pictures of empty store shelves and heard about huge utilities bills. I wanted to ask how you are doing? I hope you are well. We are all doing well. It has been very cold and we’ve had a lot of ice and snow but thankfully our power has stayed on. I’m looking forward to seeing your complicated commission. Love you, in the Lord, Jason

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