Hot coffee and fresh fruit wait for our happy collectors to enjoy while they are taking in the view of the colorful sunset. Please remember as you read through my post, you may click on any of the images to see enlargements.

Heart shaped leaves of an orange flowering vine, cascading out from under the soon to be planted Geraniums, add a touch of romance to the scene!

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Geraniums

Laura and I decided to include some of the flowers contained in her Wedding Bouquet!

The first step is to paint the masses of color that will comprise the flowers. Mixes of White + Dioxazine Purple and White + Ultramarine Blue are used for the White Star Flowers and Orchids. Magenta Stock flowers are blocked in with several different shades of Magenta + White.

Leaves are painted around the Whites and Magentas, helping to give shape to the fragrant flowers.

The distinctive dots on the petals of the Stock are added with a mix of Magenta + Liquin.

Soft Yellow Roses fill the tall Ultramarine Blue container nestled next to the White and Magenta flowers. Yellow and Purple are complementary colors, that is they are across from each other on the color wheel. By placing them next to each other in these pots, the Magenta Stock Flowers and Yellow Roses appear more vibrant.

The flat edge of a small, BRIGHT, square tipped brush is used to shape and add texture to the Rose Petals.

Gleaming sunset reflections dancing on the Mediterranean water and lights of Positano beginning to twinkle in the distance, offer up delightful memories of wonderful “New Beginnings” on the Amalfi Coast. Thank you so much for following along on my blog! With BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


© Senkarik 2021

6 Responses to “NEW BEGINNINGS”

  1. Deb Haney Says:

    Breath taking!!! Mikki, you captured the beauty perfectly!!!!!❤️

  2. roseherczeg Says:

    So beautiful! Happy Easter, Mikki! Hugs, Rose

  3. Aphrodite Matesi Says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter! 🌷
    Our Easter in Greece is in three weeks’ time,it is the biggest religious holiday here, even more important than Christmas.

    ‘New Beginnings’ is a sight for sore eyes! Beautiful, vibrant colours so soothing on the eyes; as a matter of fact I would have thought that many vibrant colours would have the opposite effect! How do you do it?!
    All of your paintings are captivating; you create such a beautiful romantic atmosphere that it makes it difficult for someone to pull their eyes away😁

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Dear Aphrodite, thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate you following my blog. I had a wonderful Easter and hope one day to celebrate it in Greece. It must be amazing! HAPPY EASTER to YOU! Hugs, Mikki

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