Phlox, Bluebonnets and African Daisies

Phlox nestles at the base of the Burgundy Prickly Poppies. The pink flowers are painted with several mixes of Permanent Rose + White. The leaves, made of Pthalo Blue+ Lemon Yellow, are worked around the masses of pink, helping to shape the flowers. Please remember, you may click on the images to view them larger.

Centers are added to the tiny flowers with pure Permanent Rose.

Cobalt Blue + White Bluebonnets pop up in front of the Prickly Poppies. The details of the blossoms are made with the corner of a medium sized Bright (square tipped) Brush. To learn more about the brushes I prefer to use CLICK HERE!

Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White is used for the star shaped foliage of the Bluebonnets. Next the White “Bonnets” are added.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the African Daisies

The babbling brook will begin to flow and we should be finishing up in our next session. Come follow along and see how this springtime painting turns out. AND, I’m going to have a couple of videos! In the meantime have a great day and here’s a HUG,


© Senkarik 2021

2 Responses to “Phlox, Bluebonnets and African Daisies”

  1. kbasli Says:

    I think this one will be my all time favorite. I love the colors. It is just wonderful Mikki!

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