Santorini Sky

Let’s get to work on this painting of Santorini! The sky is first. My color mixes are shown above, the recipes are: #1. White + MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson). #2. White + a tiny bit of Cadmium Orange. #3. Two mixes in different combinations of White + MUD + Alizarin Crimson. #4. White + Pthalo Blue + a little Lemon Yellow. #5. White + Pthalo Blue. #6. White + Cobalt Blue.

Light comes into the painting from the upper right; the sky becomes progressively darker moving from right to left. The lightest mix, #4, is used closest to the sun, #5 in the mid portion of the sky and #6 at the far left. Notice how I use the corner of my large “Bright” brush to carefully work around the blades of the windmill. Please keep in mind, you may click on this, or any of the other images, to see an enlargement.

As the clouds drift lazily along the horizon, the warm sunlight dances and skips across their fluffy tops!

The long arms of the windmill are drawn into the wet paint of the sky with a mix of MUD + Liquin. I hold the mahl stick, hooked over the top of my easel, with my left hand. Then I brace my right hand on top of the left, that steadies it so I can make smooth lines.

With my hands still braced on the mahl stick, the thin wires are added with a fine liner brush. Drawing them into the wet paint is much easier than waiting until the background is dry. If I were to wait, my brush would not pull the lines smoothly over the dips and bumps of the thick texture.

The most distant mountains are made cooler, or bluer, and lighter so they will recede. Moving forward, you can see the bluffs become warmer and more distinct. This makes them appear to be closer to the viewer and helps to give depth to the painting.

The Santorini Sky is complete. I’ll be working on the Aegean Sea in our next session, hope you’ll come back to my studio and follow along! With Happy Hugs,


© Senkarik 2021

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