Beautiful Blues

Let’s get to painting, here are some of the colors I’ll be using. #1. Ivory Black. #2. Cobalt Blue. #3. It took a little playing with different mixtures to come up with a combination I liked for Lani’s beautiful Blue gown and shawl. I’ll be using four shades, in various proportions, of Cobalt Blue + Pthalo Blue + White. #4. A medium and dark mix of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + White for the background. You may click on any of these images to see enlargements.

The #4 mix has been used for the neutral background. Now our attention is turned to Lani’s silky gown. The #3 mixtures are used to paint the bodice and skirt with long, smooth brushstrokes. Around the waistline smaller strokes are made to give the impression of gathers.

I work very carefully around the fingers and hands with the corner of my brush, I don’t want to obliterate my sketch.

Mixes of Ivory Black + White are used for George’s jacket.

The entire area where the shawl falls over the dress is covered with the two darkest shades of the #3 mixture.

I’ve never crocheted or knitted so I apologize right up front if I get this wrong. My first step in painting the delicate crocheted shawl is to indicate the vertical ribs with a lighter shade of the #3 mix.

Next, the starry pattern is added. I don’t want this to be intricately detailed with hard, sharp edges. Instead I paint it very impressionistically and loose to give the feel of the soft, fluffy yarn.

I allow the shawl to drape over the upper part of Lani’s forearm to increase the feeling of softness. Notice how I’ve faded out the light and detail of the crochet pattern in the lower right quadrant and along the lower right edge of the painting. This is to keep the shawl from drawing the viewer’s eye away from the focal point of the painting, George and Lani’s hands and wedding rings. That’s all for this session, I hope you’ll come back and continue following along! HUGS,


© Senkarik 2021

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