Now, let’s go to Santorini! The unembellished Giclee of ENDLESS BEAUTY is up on my easel and we’re ready to begin. Please keep in mind as you read through my blog, you may click on any image to view an enlargement.

A couple of thin oil washes are made with Severes Green + Liquin Original and Cobalt Blue + Liquin Original.

The water below the church is glazed with the Severes Green + Liquin Original oil wash, intensifying the color.

The Cobalt Blue wash is used on the gates, window and door. You can see how the color of the glazed area on the door, above the brush, is much richer than the hue below it.

The large leaves of the Canna Lilies are glazed with Viridian Green + Liquin Original. This makes them darker and richer, accentuating the brilliant, azure water at the base of the bluffs.

The bright, hot Pink Bougainvillea is repainted with combinations of Permanent Rose + White and Cadmium Red Light + Permanent Rose + White.

After embellishing the flowers of the Canna Lilies and Petunias that reside on the steps, my attention turns to the cheerful Geraniums. Their blossoms are painted with Cadmium Red Light + Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red Light and Cadmium Red Light + White.

Dioxazine Purple + White is used for the Lavender Cyclamen nestled below the Geraniums.

Tiger Lilies dance in the gentle breeze drifting in from the Aegean Sea. The Cadmium Orange flowers glow against the Cobalt Blue Gate. Blue and Orange are complementary colors, this means they are across from each other on the Color Wheel. Placing the Orange next to the Blue makes it appear even more intense.

The sun-washed stucco of the building on the right is highlighted with pure White. This makes it come forward of the wall and church in the distance. The lightest White on both of them have a little Ultramarine Blue mixed in, causing them to recede.

Ready to take a stroll along the stone walk and enjoy the ENDLESS BEAUTY of Santorini? I certainly am!

Here’s the LIMITED ORIGINAL Giclee, Before and After the embellishing process. It sure makes a difference, doesn’t it?

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  1. Don Dillard Says:

    Mikki , great Job, makes all the difference in the world..👍👍🙏

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