Needless to say, with the pandemic it’s been a while since I’ve had a Collector Event and been able to give you a Big Hug. BUT, that is all about to change because I’m going to be at my new Santa Fe Gallery, LEGENDS OF THE WEST FINE ART, in just a few months.

YEP! I’ll be able to give you those long overdue, IN PERSON HUGS at the Gallery, 102 E. Water Street, on August 25 and 26. The opening reception is Friday from 4 to 7PM. I’ll be there again on Saturday from 11AM to 4PM. Plenty of time for us to visit and catch up. PLUS, I’ll have several new paintings for you to select from to add to your collection. I’m even thinking of including some surprise pieces I’ve been working on. You’ll just have to come and see!

Wanted to let you know early so you may start making your plans now to escape the summer heat and travel to beautiful, cool Santa Fe. I’ll keep you updated and am really looking forward to seeing you!

To RSVP for the event, PLEASE CALL the gallery at 505.610.5331.

Or you may EMAIL them at Info@LegendsoffheWestFineArt.com


© Senkarik 2023


4 Responses to “LONG TIME, NO SEE!”

  1. Norman Sassner Says:

    Wish you good luck on your showing sorry but we cannot make out there do the viewing

  2. nobulltipping Says:

    Mikki, Cindy and I will be there to celebrate your return. A long over due vacation isn’t complete without spending time with the art diva Angel. Virtual hugs… for now!

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