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Sketching Lucien Laurin and Ron Turcotte

November 22, 2015

SK4815 step 12

Secretariat’s trainer was Lucien Laurin. Here he’s going over some last words with Secretariat’s jockey, Ron Turcotte, before the race.

SK4815 step 13

Ron’s silks are washed in with the same Cobalt Blue + Liquin mixture that I used on Secretariat’s blinkers.

SK4815 step 14

After getting the wash in finished I realized I made Lucien a little too tall. One of my astute readers did also, she sent a comment reminding me he was no taller than a jockey. Cheryl is absolutely right, Lucien was a jockey in his younger days in Canada.

Secretariat Lucien Lauren 4 ron turcott

Here is a picture of Lucien with Penny Chenery (Tweedy) and Ron Turcotte. Secretariat’s trainer is a bit taller than Ron, who was also from Canada. I’ll make the adjustments before I do the finished painting of the famous trainer.

secretariat 9

Cheryl also mentioned that the trainer usually saddles the horse. Again she is correct, my dilemma was I didn’t want Laurin’s back to the viewer. So I decided to have his assistant trainer, Henny Hoeffner, saddle Secretariat in my painting. I found this picture on, he’s in the yellow cap behind Secretariat. I’ll make him a bit shorter too. Then Laurin and Turcotte could anchor the lower left corner of the foreground. It’s a cool spring day at Keeneland, perhaps an old back injury caused by a fall in a race is bothering Lucien and he trusts his assistant with the saddling duties. But rest assured, I’m certain Lucien will check the girth before Ron is given a leg up! Hugs,

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