STEP 24 The Music of Water

No garden is complete without a fountain or some sort of water. The sound of water moving is so welcoming which is why I made certain to have a water feature in this painting. Plus the birds in the area need a place to take a drink! My original idea was to make the color of the fountain a Grayish-Green stone. In the image above I have started painting the top of the fountain. The outer edges are the color I first had in mind, but I soon realized it didn’t have the contrast needed. So I switched to a warmer, richer color as you can see in the back panel.  The warmth of the color brings the fountain forward. Oil painting is so forgiving. If you don’t like what is happening on the canvas you can just scrape it off and begin again. Sometimes what an artist envisions, just doesn’t work. Painting is problem solving, making changes along the way to produce the best result possible.

Above is the completed fountain. The philodendron behind is starting to grow. More landscaping will be the next step. For now just enjoy and listen to the music of the water! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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