Sakura Cherry Blossoms

May 4, 2016

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 10

The soft pink blossoms of the Sakura Cherry Tree are blocked in with mixes of Alizarin Crimson + Magenta + White and several shades of Alizarin Crimson + White.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 11

The gnarled, knobby truck is fun to paint! You can see how the image extends onto the side of the gallery wrapped canvas.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 12

Highlights on the delicate petals of the Cherry Blossoms are indicated with a mix of White + Alizarin Crimson. The corner of my small Bright (Square) brush is used to make the thick, textured brushstrokes. You may click on this or any of the other pictures to see them larger.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 13

The roof of the arch is a grey-green that will make the red of the columns appear brighter. I’ve used mixes of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + MUD (Alizarin Crimson + Ultramarine Blue) + White.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 15

I made the distant peak of Arenal more blue or cooler. It was a little too warm and wasn’t receding into the background. This follows a simple rule to give the impression of depth in a painting: Cool Colors Go Back, Warm Colors Come Forward. The long fronds of the palms are painted directly over the wet mountain.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 16

Heart shaped leaves of Ivy cascade from the trunk of the Cherry Blossom Tree.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 17

Mixes of Cadmium Red Deep + Magenta, Cadmium Red Deep and Cadmium Red Medium are used for the arch.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 18

The red of the arch is more muted than the bright plumage of the Male Cardinal so he will stand out!

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 19

The frames, as well as the light and shadow patterns on the panels that will bear the Japanese characters are blocked in first.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 20

The calligraphy is then drawn into the wet background with a fine liner brush dipped in Ivory Black.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 21

The symbols on the panels stand for HOPE, FAITH and LOVE. That’s it for this session. Thank you for following along today. Big Hugs,

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A Couple of Cardinals

May 3, 2016

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 5

Like always I begin with the sky. The sun comes in from the upper left, therefore the sky on that side is a bit lighter. The lightest portion is painted with a mix of White + Pthalo Blue + a tiny touch of Lemon Yellow. Moving to the right a slightly darker mixture of White + Pthalo Blue is used. The darkest part of the sky on the far right is a combination of Cobalt Blue + White.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 6

Now work starts on the female cardinal perched on top of the arch. I want to paint both of the birds wet-into-wet over the background, that way I can soften the edges of the feathers. I’m making them a tiny bit larger than life size since they are an important element in the painting.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 7

The distant peak of Arenal is blocked in with cool blues and greens.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 8

The male cardinal is coming in for a landing on one of the pilings supporting the arch. Mixtures of Cadmium Red Deep + Magenta make up the shadow part of his body.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 9

I let the end of Mr. Chipper’s feathers blur into the mountain far behind to give the impression of movement. The highlight on his bright red body is pure Cadmium Red Light. If you would like to see the image larger just click on the picture! That’s all for today. I appreciate you visiting our studio. HUGS,

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A Combination of Cultures

May 1, 2016

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 1

Another commission. This is a special piece, we are combining cultures. The setting is in Costa Rica with the volcano Arenal in the background. It’s a gift for Jeana’s sister who really likes all things Oriental, so we’ve incorporated several Far Eastern elements into the design. You can click on this or any of the other images to see them larger.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 2

Since the Arch is going to frame the volcano in the distance it is drawn first. Then I sketch in some of the other foreground elements with a brush dipped in a thin mix of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 3

The Oriental bench is a fun change from the Southwestern styles that I usually have in my paintings.

SD1316 A Glimpse of Arenal Step 4

A pink Sakura Cherry Tree provides cool shade for anyone sitting on the bench. The outline of Arenal and the palms in the background are indicated. We’ll start applying color in our next session, hope you’ll come watch. If you would like to receive an email every time I publish a new post you can subscribe to my blog. CLICK THIS LINK and scroll to the upper right side of the page. You will see a heading EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS. Just enter your email address and click the button “Sign me up!”  It’s easy. And if you enjoy my blog please CLICK the FaceBook LIKE Button. As we say in Texas, “Much Obliged!

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2014-11-8 Molly

Please feel free to share this with ALL of your friends. By the way, don’t you think that’s a cool little trash can I made into my play house? Mikki and Jack got it at the Container Store just in case you’re interested. Thanks for following Mikki’s blog. She’ll be back soon IF I can get her out of my garden and to the easel!

kitty paw print

Breakfast for Two

April 28, 2016


VIDEO! Painting the Philodendrons.

VIDEO! Blocking in the Geraniums following my usual sequence, Flowers First, Leaves Last.

VIDEO! Adding the final touches to the Geraniums.

SD1216 Step 36

The Red Geraniums offer a nice contrast juxtaposed by the white shutters and yellow walls.

SD1216 Step 37

My colors are mixed for the White Daisies in the lower left corner. The recipes are as follows…..#1. White + Ultramarine Blue. #2. Two shades of White + Dioxazine Purple. #3. White + Pthalo Blue. #4. Pure White. #5. White + Pthalo Blue + Lemon Yellow. #6. Three mixes in different proportions of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium + White. #7. Pthalo Blue + White.

SD1216 Step 38

The shadow colors of the white flowers are blocked in first with mixes #1, #2 and #3. Please remember, you can click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

SD1216 Step 39

Next the foliage is painted. I work the greens around the masses of white, giving shape to the flowers.

SD1216 Step 40

One of the most fun parts of painting Daisies is adding the centers and crisp White highlights. Instantly the flowers seem to come alive, dancing and bobbing in the breeze!

SD1216 Step 41

Lilies are another of my favorites. The yellow mass was painted with mixes of Cadmium Yellow Medium + Cadmium Orange + a touch of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson), Cadmium Yellow Medium + Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Yellow Medium + Lemon Yellow. The leaves are made with greens left over from the White Daisies. I just added a bit of Lemon Yellow to all of the mixes.

SD1216 Step 42

The deep centers are indicated with a combination of Magenta + Liquin.

SD1216 Step 43

The same greens are used for the broad leaves of the Canna Lilies.

SD1216 Step 44

Magenta + Dioxazine Purple Petunias are planted in the terra cotta pot next to the Lilies. Since they are complimentary colors, Yellow and Purple, each appears brighter.

SD1216 Breakfast for Two 24x30Breakfast for Two         24 inches tall by 30 inches wide

Silver Ponyfoot Vine spills out from the Petunia container. AND…..we’re finished! The sun dappled terrace overlooking the Amalfi Coast provides a delightful spot for an enchanting Breakfast for Two. It’s been fun having you visit our studio to follow my painting process; hope you’ll come back soon. BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

Fresh Fruit and Wicker Chairs

April 25, 2016

SD1216 Step 30

Now…..let’s get to the fruit basket by the vase of Roses. The red grapes were first blocked in with thin mixes of Alizarin Crimson + Liquin. Next work begins on the bananas. Please remember as you go through my blog, you may enlarge the images by clicking on them.

SD1216 Step 31

Adding highlights and the reflected light along the lower edge of the individual grapes makes them appear round.

SD1216 Step 32

Moving to the wicker chairs the dappled light pattern on the back is established first.

SD1216 Step 33

I come back with a small Bright (square) brush and use thick brushstrokes in a lighter value to indicate the texture of the woven wicker.

SD1216 Step 34

“Painting Forward” I begin blocking in the fresh white tablecloth that drapes over the Bistro table.

SD1216 Step 35

Thick, fluffy Ultramarine Blue cushions issue an invitation to plop down in the wicker chairs. The combination of Blue and Yellow looks so happy. I’m really glad Stan and Lonnie changed from the wrought iron chairs to the wicker. They look so crisp with the yellow building and white shutters. We’ll be planting in our next session. Grab your gardening gloves and come help! BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG



Romantic Roses

April 24, 2016

SD1216 Step 26

Stan asked me to put a vase of Roses on the bistro table especially for Lonnie. Isn’t that romantic? I begin blocking in the pink blossoms with several shades of Permanent Rose + White.

SD1216 Step 27

Palm Fronds add a different texture to the happy bouquet. I start to delineate the details of the flowers with a small Bright brush. Want to know more about the brushes I use? Just CLICK HERE!

SD1216 Step 28

Breathe in deeply. Can’t you just smell the wonderful fragrance of the freshly picked Roses? To see the picture enlarged just click on the image.

VIDEO! Starting to paint the Italian Tile floor. First I cover the surface entirely, establishing the dappled light and shadow pattern.

VIDEO! The perspective lines are drawn into the wet paint of the floor with a fine liner brush dipped in a mix of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin. This is done freehand, using a mahl stick would limit the movement of my hand making it difficult to pull a straight line. Then the horizontal lines separating the tiles are made.

SD1216 Step 29

That’s all folks! Thank you for all of your kind comments and questions. You don’t know how much I appreciate them. Hope you’ll come back soon. We’ll be working on the fruit basket, table and wicker chairs in the next session. BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


Wispy Wisteria and Sun Dappled Shutters

April 22, 2016


VIDEO! Painting the Wispy Wisteria draping over the yellow wall. The lovely lavender is made of several mixes in different proportions of Dioxazine Purple + Ultramarine Blue + White. The lacy leaves are made with mixtures of Viridian + Cadmium Yellow Medium. I follow my usual sequence of Flowers First, Leaves Last!

SD1216 Step 20

After finishing the Wisteria I move to the tall, sun dappled shutters. The shadows are painted first.

SD1216 Step 21

Then the sunny portions are dragged over the shadows with pure White. This softens the edges of the sun streaks.

SD1216 Step 22

The upright edges of the shutter panels are drawn with a thin mix of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin.

SD1216 Step 23

Next the horizontal lines of the shutters are drawn. I brace the fingers of my left hand against the unpainted portion of the canvas. I rest my right hand on my left wrist to steady it as I delineate the individual louvers.

SD1216 Step 24

Since the louvers sit at an angle there is a triangular space at the end of each one. In this case I use the mahl stick to steady my painting hand as I draw them.

SD1216 Step 25

We’re moving right along…..Thank you for following my blog. Hope you’ll come back soon! BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


The Terrace Pergola

April 20, 2016

SD1216 Step 13

The whitewashed buildings just below the terrace are now painted. For the sunlit portion of the stucco I use a cool White made of White + a tiny bit of Ultramarine Blue. This will make the buildings drop into the distance. I’ll use a warmer mix of White for the part of the terrace shutters illuminated by the sun. My wrist is braced against the mahl stick to steady my hand as I delineate the details of the Severs Green + White window frame and shutters.

SD1216 Step 14

The columns supporting the Pergola are painted with several shades of warm White. Mixes of White + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + a teeny touch of Cadmium Orange in different proportions are used. Pure White + a little Ultramarine Blue + a bit of Cadmium Orange is used for the filtered light streaking down the round column.

SD1216 Step 15

It’s fun dragging the lacy shadows of the Bougainvillea across the yellow wall. Two shades of Cadmium Yellow Medium + MUD + a little Cadmium Orange + White are used for the building.

SD1216 Step 16

Here are my color recipes for the Bougainvillea. #1. Alizarin Crimson + Magenta + White. #2. Magenta + a tiny bit of White. #3. Alizarin Crimson + White. #4. Two shades of Viridian Green + White. #5. Pthalo Blue + White.

SD1216 Step 17

The colorful bracts of the Bougainvillea are blocked in first with a large Bright (Square) brush.

SD1216 Step 18

The foliage is painted around the masses of Red, helping to shape the flowers. You can click on the image to see it larger:)

SD1216 Step 19

The Bougainvillea cascades over the pergola, the rays of sun drifting through its long arms will bathe the terrace in filtered light. The trunk of the Wisteria on the left side is added and we’re done for today. Hope you’ll come back and watch the next session. I hope to have a VIDEO for you! BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

Painting Amalfi

April 18, 2016

SD1216 Step 7

Let’s get painting! Here are my color recipes. #1. Ultramarine Blue + White. #2. Ultramarine Blue + a tiny bit of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White. #3. Mix #2 + a little touch of Pthalo Blue + White. #4. Two shades of MUD + Ultramarine Blue + White. #5. Cobalt Blue + White. #6. Pthalo Blue + White. Why do we call MUD, MUD? CLICK HERE to find out and learn more about our double primary mixing system.

VIDEO! I start with the sky because it is the source of light for the piece. When it is complete I “PAINT FORWARD” beginning with the farthest bluffs.

VIDEO! Work on the background continues.

VIDEO!  Adding some of the details on the delightful coastal village.

SD1216 Step 8

Reflections of the old fort on the rocky outcropping are dragged straight down into the water below.

SD1216 Step 9

Then a few horizontal brushstrokes are made across the reflections. This gives the feeling of waves moving in to crash against the shoreline.

SD1216 Step 10

I follow a simple rule in painting the ocean: Muted colors go back, Intense or bright colors come forward. The Mediterranean water is made duller in the distance. Mixes of Ultramarine Blue + MUD + White are used. Moving to the middle ground slightly darker mixtures of Ultramarine Blue + White and Ultramarine Blue + Pthalo Blue + White are used. The closest water is Pthalo Blue + White making it very intense. This helps to give the feeling of depth in the piece. The shallow water nearest the beach is made a bit greener. The creamy yellow sand influences the blue water over it, making it appear more green!

SD1216 Step 12

The view from the terrace is complete! Thanks for following along today. BIG HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG


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