January 13, 2022

Large terra cotta containers perch on top of a rock ledge at the foot of the wall below the colorful Bougainvillea. The pots are painted with mixes of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Red Light. White is added to make the lighter shades. Just a little reminder, you may click on any of the images to see enlargements.

We’re ready to begin building the Terrace and Steps with the unique stonework found throughout the islands of Greece. Come watch…

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Stone Terrace and Steps

Now we can begin planting. This is far easier in my painting than it must be in reality. I can’t imagine hauling the heavy terra cotta pots, bags of dirt and plants up all those stairs! It’s difficult enough in my garden where it’s completely level. The Geraniums are blocked in FLOWERS FIRST, LEAVES LAST as indicated by the numbers in the image above. The blossoms are combinations of Cadmium Red Deep + Magenta, Cadmium Red Deep and Cadmium Red Deep + Cadmium Red Light. Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Lemon Yellow is used for the foliage of the Geraniums.

After highlighting the Geraniums with Cadmium Red Light + a little White, the distinctive flower buds are added with Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Lemon Yellow + White.

A few petals from the bright Geranium flowers have floated to the ground where they cast long shadows across the stone floor.

Salvia, made of several shades of Magenta + White, spills out of one of the rectangular containers residing on the rock ledge. The dark blossoms are accentuated by the sunlit gate behind.

The Salvia’s dusty, grey-green foliage is painted with several combinations of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White.

Dazzling Nasturtiums compliment the Magenta Salvia next to them. The rusty blooms are Cadmium Orange + Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Yellow Medium. The disc shaped leaves are made with a twist of my Bright brush. Turning the square tip of the brush makes the circular stroke! This takes a little practice but once you learn the technique it’s easy to do.

“GRECIAN ESCAPE” 19 inches by 19 inches

Sparkling White buildings juxtaposed again the azure water of the Aegean Sea and punctuated with brilliantly colored flowers beckon the viewer to hop on a magic carpet ride to a “GRECIAN ESCAPE”. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure ready! Thank you for following along, hope you’ll come back and visit our studio again soon. Next I’ll be working on TEN paintings, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Hugs,


© Senkarik 2021

Tumbling Stairs and Bougainvillea

January 11, 2022

The building, as well as the stairways tumbling down the hillside below the foreground terrace, are now added. Pickets of the Cobalt Blue gate, cast their shadows on the wall adjacent to the opening. Notice how the wall becomes cooler, or more blue, as it descends down the hill. This helps to give the feeling of the steep steps going down. Please remember as you read through my post, you may click on any of the pictures to see them larger.

The Bougainvillea at the top of the stairway is blocked in with Permanent Rose + White. The vibrant pink glows against the azure water in the distance.

The white stucco walls are all made of mixes, in different proportions of White + MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) and White + MUD + Ultramarine Blue. The sunny portion of the wall has more White in the mix, the shadows have more of the MUD mixture in them. The back part of the foreground wall is bluer and a little darker, making it recede. Pure White is reserved to make the highlight on the top of the wall.

The unique detail at the top of the arch is now delineated.

The gate and border around the opening of the doorway are made with Cobalt Blue + a touch of Pthalo Blue + White. This makes the Blue a little more intense which brings it forward of the other gate and domes, helping to increase the feeling of depth in the painting.

The Bougainvillea cascades over the top of the wall and down both sides. Some of it can be seen through the opening above the gate.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Bougainvillea

That’s it for today. We should complete our Santorini painting in our next session. Hope you’ll come back to follow along and see how this finishes up! With Colorful Smiles,


© Senkarik 2021

Sky and Cobalt Blue Domes

January 7, 2022

Let’s get to painting! We’ll begin with the sky. My color recipes are as follows: #1. MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Ultramarine Blue + White. This will be used for the horizon line where the ocean meets the sky. #2. Cobalt Blue + a touch of Ultramarine Blue + White. #3. Pthalo Blue + White. #4. Two shades of Ultramarine Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. These mixes are for the shadow parts of the clouds. #5. White + a little bit of mixture #4.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Blocking in the Sky

The bluff nearest the horizon is painted with a mix of MUD + a little Cadmium Orange + Ultramarine Blue + White. Mist, caused by waves crashing against the base of the bluff, is added with some of the #2 Sky mixture.

A ray of sunlight splashes across the azure water and illuminates the closest bluff with its brilliant warmth. The distant part of the ocean has been painted with the #1 mix shown in the first step. The sunny strip on the water is a combination of Pthalo Blue + White. Mixtures of Ultramarine Blue + White and Ultramarine Blue + Pthalo Blue + White have been used for the area below my brush.

Crosses are added on top of the Cobalt Blue + White Domes.

The towers of the domes are painted with several mixes in different combinations of MUD + White and Ultramarine Blue + White. The front edge of the two sunlit sides of the tower is made whiter, so it appears to come forward. The back edge has more blue in the mix, making it recede.

Window sashes form a cross in each of the arched openings. Cobalt Blue + White, remaining from the domes, is used to make them.

Pthalo Turquoise Blue + White is used to complete the ocean. The intensity of this color brings it forward of the more muted blues in the distant part of the water. Thanks for following along today! Hope you’ll come back for our next session. Hugs,


© Senkarik 2021


January 5, 2022

Hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I took a little time off from blogging, but now I’m back with a new commission of one of my favorite places, Santorini, Greece!

The scene will be classic Greek architecture, overlooking the Aegean Sea. But just to show you that ideas come from all different places, the image above sparked the inspiration for my painting! I love the unusual top of this building, draped in flowers, with a blue dome rising tall in the background.

So here’s my basic sketch. It was fun composing the scene around the image shown in the previous step. I decided to add two domes towering above the structure in the foreground.

A T-Square is balanced on the top edge of my canvas in order to draw the upright lines of the buildings. My basic sketch is drawn with a brush dipped in a thin oil wash of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin Original.

The structure and gate in the foreground begin to take shape.

Pickets of the gate, opening to the stairs going down the steep hillside, cast their shadows on the side post.

The iconic bluffs of Santorini are now added.

More stairs tumble down the side of the hill in the distance.

A thin oil wash of Cobalt Blue + Liquin Original is used for the Blue Church Domes.

Our sketch is complete, we’ll begin painting with thicker oil paints in our next session. I hope you’ll come follow along.

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© Senkarik 2021

The Birth that Changed My Life!

December 24, 2021

“Kissing the Face of God” Original Oil Painting by Morgan Weistling

With eyes sparkling in delight, Jeanette exuberantly wished me MERRY CHRISTMAS and pressed a candy cane, along with a folded paper, into my hand. Upon my return home from Church, I smoothed out the paper to read the neatly printed words, marching up and down, over the hills and valleys of the deep creases. The message touched my soul. Instantly I knew I wanted to share it as my Christmas letter to you:



There is so much to tell. It was so very long ago that the angel came and all I had to do, at least at first, was to be willing, and to wait and wait and wait. Of all the things that faced me in that moment, “Willing to Wait” proved to be the hardest. “Willing to Wait” on the Lord. “Willing to Wait” for the Lord, to see how the Lord God would do all that would be done. SO HARD!

Willing, I turned to waiting those nine months, waiting for my son. My son, flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone. His flesh and bone and blood, born of my blood. His flesh was mine, but His spirit was not. From the beginning when the angel Gabriel said, “The child to be born will be called Holy, the Son of God”, I knew He would be more His Father’s than His mother’s.

His birth was wonderful and beautiful. Joseph and I were so happy, so amazed, so filled with joy. But there was something else, too. For the first time since the angel Gabriel said not to be afraid, I was. Of what, I didn’t know.

I watched my son as He slept. I did that a lot, you know. I’d creep close to Him, watching and listening. His little hands would flex, his lips would mumble the language babies mumble. I’m sure God understands their garbled sounds. Anyhow, I loved watching Him. One night He rolled on to His back and stretched out his arms. Tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t stop crying. He was so innocent and I loved Him so much. Many times I saw Him like that as a child.

Later, I saw Him like that as a man. I was crying then too. For those very same reasons: He was so innocent, I loved Him so much and I was so afraid. He wasn’t sleeping then, but His hands would flex. Not in thin air but around the nails holding Him to the cross. He was mumbling too, and though I was close enough to catch His life as it dripped onto the ground, I could not hear Him clearly or understand. But I’m sure God heard and understood, for God was closer to Him still. God had always been closer to Him than I, except perhaps for that first night when my tears were for joy and life as I held Him in my arms.

He was my son; my firstborn and I did call His name JESUS. I didn’t know that night when I delivered my son that one day, He would deliver me. He was my son. He was my Savior. He was born that night to die so that we could be born again and live. He is my Savior. He is God. My baby, JESUS!


I thank Jeanette for sharing this beautiful message with me. I wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! May your hearts be filled with Praise and Thanksgiving that we have the Joy of knowing JESUS was born to Deliver Us.


© Senkarik 2021


December 9, 2021

This year give a unique, one of a kind gift; each colorful brushstroke in my paintings is filled with joy and smiles directly from my heart! I’m offering an exclusive CHRISTMAS COLLECTION of my Original Oil Paintings at a SPECIAL SAVINGS especially for your gifting this year. A Senkarik “Billboard of Happiness” will express your love every time the recipient sees it, bringing smiles for years to come.

“Makena Cove Surf”

Jack and I lived for a while on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui; Makena Cove was near our home. Painting “MAKENA COVE SURF” brought wonderful memories of the many times we sat on the rocks there, listening to the crashing waves, enjoying the view of the island of Molokini in the distance and dipping our toes into the swirling, warm water.

Fresh off my easel, “Makena Cove Surf” measures 6 inches x 6 inches and is painted on a Cradled Panel with 1-1/2 inch sides.


Sunflower Snooze”

Basking in the warmth of the dazzling Greek afternoon, this precious sweetheart takes a “SUNFLOWER SNOOZE”, hugged by a cascade of brilliant blossoms complete with Hummingbirds cavorting above. This little tiger kitty would make a PURR-fect Christmas Gift for a cat lover; she’s easy to care for and never needs feeding!

10 inch x 10 inch Original Oil Painting on Cradled Panel with 1-1/2 inch sides


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“Monarch Whispers”

Bet you have someone on your Santa’s List who loves Butterflies. Listen carefully and you can hear the “MONARCH WHISPERS” made by the wings of these beauties, floating among the brilliant hues of the Zinnias!

6 inch x 6 inch Original Oil Painting on Cradled Panel with 1-1/2 inch sides


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“Brushed by the Sun”

The scene in the background is from a picture Jack and I took years ago as we drove along the Rio Grande River, heading from Santa Fe to Taos. The distant mountains, “BRUSHED BY THE SUN”, took our breath away. Capture the heart of that special someone with the breathtaking beauty of the Southwest, as well!

Image 11″ x 11″  Outside of Signature Frame 16″ x 16″



“Romance of the Vines”

The music of the water splashing in the fountain offers a delightful invitation for the LUCKY recipient of your Gift to come stroll through the flower filled courtyard and enjoy the “ROMANCE OF THE VINES”, glistening in the distance.

Image 11″ x 11″  Outside of Signature Frame 16″ x 16″



Christmas is quickly approaching! So make your selections as soon as possible, we want to make sure your Senkarik Original Oil Painting “Billboards of Happiness” arrive in time to fill your gift giving with smiles on December 25th!

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THANK YOU for Shopping with me and MERRY CHRISTMAS,


© Senkarik 2021


December 3, 2021

Starting a new EMBRYO today, we’re traveling to Venice on my easel! All of my reference pictures are taped up next to my painting, making them easy to refer to as I work. The first step is to draw my basic plan onto the 6 inch by 6 inch cradled panel with a brush dipped in a thin Oil Wash made of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin Original. The Red Ribbon on the Gondolier’s hat is washed in with Alizarin Crimson + Liquin Original. Please remember as you read through my blog, you may click on any of the images to view enlargements.

The buildings in the background, warmed by the sun, are painted next. The creamy stucco is made of mixes of Cadmium Yellow Medium + a tiny bit of MUD + White while the Terra Cotta band along the water’s edge is MUD + Cadmium Orange + White. A combination of Turquoise Pthalo Blue + White is used for the shutters and window sashes.

After painting the bridge that our romantic couple will soon be floating under, the fèrro at the front of the Gondola is delineated. The heavy, iron ornament balances the weight of the Gondolier who pilots the flat bottomed boat from the stern.

Trumpet Vine tumbles down the wall of the ancient brick building on the left. The colorful blossoms are blocked in with mixes of Cadmium Orange + Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Red Light and pure Cadmium Orange.

The Gondolier’s shirt is first painted with White + Ultramarine Blue + MUD. The sun illuminates his right shoulder, so it’s highlighted with pure White. The Ivory Black stripes on the shirt are drawn over the White while it’s still wet. Ivory Black has also been used for the Gondola.

The colors of the buildings reflect down, into the canal below them. Horizontal, Ivory Black brushstrokes are made, directly beneath the Gondola, to give the feeling of its reflections dancing on the moving water.

Geraniums, made of Cadmium Red Deep and Cadmium Red Light, and Pink Petunias of Permanent Rose + White cascade from a window box high above the Gondolier on the right.

Follow the Video Progression of “MAGIC OF VENICE” from Sketch to Finished Painting. AND, enjoy the Accordion as you watch!!!!

Let the shimmering reflections of the sun warmed buildings, vibrant flowers and stately gondola bring the “MAGIC OF VENICE” to your heart as you imagine yourself taking this romantic ride through the hidden canals of the amazing city. Thank you for traveling with me on my magic carpet today!


© Senkarik 2021


November 29, 2021

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November 27, 2021

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© Senkarik 2021


November 24, 2021

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I want to pause a moment in the hustle bustle of preparations to let you know just how much all of you mean to me. I’m sharing an excerpt from a favorite book of mine, “Jesus Calling”; Sarah Young’s scripture-based devotional is written as if Jesus is talking directly to you. The words of yesterday’s message have been dancing in my heart ever since I read them.

“As you go through this day, look for treasures strategically placed along the way. I lovingly go before you and plant little pleasures to brighten your day. Look carefully for them, plucking them one by one. When you reach the end of the day, you will have gathered a lovely bouquet. Offer it up to Me with a grateful heart. Receive My Peace as you lie down to sleep, with thankful thoughts playing a lullaby in your mind. “

My heart overflows with Thanksgiving for the special Treasure of your Friendship. You are a bright, beautiful flower in the incredible bouquet of gifts I’ve been given. May Our Lord fill you and your family with His Peace and Joy as you give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving
    and his courts with praise;
    give thanks to him and praise his name.”

Psalm 100:4

Have a Safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! With Grateful Hugs,


© Senkarik 2021