Delightful Melody

April 16, 2021

Today’s session shows several days of actual painting time at my easel. Application of the Opaque Oils begins in the background, here are my color mixtures. All of the big blobs, in the center of the palette, are mixes in varying proportions of White + MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + a touch of Cadmium Orange and a little more Ultramarine Blue. The paints lined up at the far left of my glass palette are the washes left over from the first session. The colors along the top are the basis of our Double Primary Color Mixing System. If you’d like to learn more about the wonderful Color Mixing System that Jack developed, CLICK HERE!

The flowers, leaves and Hummingbirds that I washed in earlier are now dry. I carefully work around the washed in areas to preserve the design of the composition. You may click on this, or any of the other images to see enlargements.

I love painting shadows. Sunlight spilling over the Cross Vine, illuminates the lowest of the three Hummingbirds, casting his shadow onto the white wall in the background.

The flashing wings are painted wet-into-wet over the background. This enables me to soften the edges, giving the impression of movement.

Cadmium Red Light + a touch of white is used to highlight the “Ruby” throat of the Hummingbird.

The shadow of this fella’s thin, long beak streaks down over his bright White chest!

The leaves are painted with the flat, broad edge of my Bright, square tipped brush. CLICK HERE to learn more about the brushes I prefer to use.

Mixes of Cadmium Red Light + Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Orange + Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Yellow Medium are used for the trumpet shaped blossoms.

The deep centers of the flowers are added with a mix of Magenta + Liquin.

“DELIGHTFUL MELODY” 19 inches tall by 9 inches wide

Let the antics, squeaks and whispering wings of the Hummingbirds fill your soul with their “DELIGHTFUL MELODY”! It’s been fun having you visit my studio. Please do come back again! Hugs,


© Senkarik 2021

Cross Vine and Hummers

April 13, 2021

I’ve got SPRING FEVER so I’m starting a SPRING painting today. Fortunately our Cross Vine survived the brutal cold that we had in February. It’s blooming profusely now and Hummingbirds are loving the trumpet shaped blossoms. I make a quick drawing of my idea in a sketchbook to solidify the composition. Please remember as you read my blog, you may click on any of the images to view enlargements.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Sketching the Initial Plan on the Canvas

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Sketching One of the Hummingbirds

The blossoms of the Cross Vine are blocked in with mixes of Permanent Rose + Liquin and Magenta + Liquin.

Thin oil washes of Sap Green + Liquin and Pthalo Blue + Liquin are used to block in the foliage. I carefully work around the flowers as I want their color to remain vibrant.

Now the delicate stems and twigs of the rambling vine are added.

I‘ll allow this to dry completely and begin applying opaque oil color in our next session. Hope you’ll come back and follow along! HUGS,


© Senkarik 2021


April 8, 2021

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With Purrs and Kitty Kisses, MOLLY



March 31, 2021

Hot coffee and fresh fruit wait for our happy collectors to enjoy while they are taking in the view of the colorful sunset. Please remember as you read through my post, you may click on any of the images to see enlargements.

Heart shaped leaves of an orange flowering vine, cascading out from under the soon to be planted Geraniums, add a touch of romance to the scene!

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Geraniums

Laura and I decided to include some of the flowers contained in her Wedding Bouquet!

The first step is to paint the masses of color that will comprise the flowers. Mixes of White + Dioxazine Purple and White + Ultramarine Blue are used for the White Star Flowers and Orchids. Magenta Stock flowers are blocked in with several different shades of Magenta + White.

Leaves are painted around the Whites and Magentas, helping to give shape to the fragrant flowers.

The distinctive dots on the petals of the Stock are added with a mix of Magenta + Liquin.

Soft Yellow Roses fill the tall Ultramarine Blue container nestled next to the White and Magenta flowers. Yellow and Purple are complementary colors, that is they are across from each other on the color wheel. By placing them next to each other in these pots, the Magenta Stock Flowers and Yellow Roses appear more vibrant.

The flat edge of a small, BRIGHT, square tipped brush is used to shape and add texture to the Rose Petals.

Gleaming sunset reflections dancing on the Mediterranean water and lights of Positano beginning to twinkle in the distance, offer up delightful memories of wonderful “New Beginnings” on the Amalfi Coast. Thank you so much for following along on my blog! With BIG HUGS,

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© Senkarik 2021

Diagonal Tile Floor

March 26, 2021

The azure water behind the chairs is still pliable enough that I can easily pull the balusters of the terrace railing over it. Using the edge of the T-Square, balanced on the top edge of the canvas, allows me to make sure the lines are perfectly upright.

The long arms of the colorful Bougainvillea, working their way back and forth through the railing, are added. Please remember as you read my blog, you may click on any of the images to see enlargements.

Let’s start on the Terrace Floor. Come watch to see how I establish the perspective for the Diagonal Pattern of the Terra Cotta Tiles.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Perspective Plan for the Floor.

My guide lines for the Diagonal Tiles are penciled in. It’s time to begin painting the floor.

My color mixes for the oil paints are shown above. Here are the color recipes: #1. Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. #2. 4 mixes in different combinations of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Red Light + White. #3. White + Ultramarine Blue. #4. Cadmium Orange + a tiny bit of Pthalo Blue + White.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Diagonal Tile Floor.

Even though this is demonstrated in the preceding video, I want to highlight how I extended the perspective lines onto the tape surrounding the image. They are marked with arrows. After covering the entire surface of the floor with the oil mixes shown above, I’ll use these as guides to draw the lines separating the individual tiles. 

The front edges of the tiles are highlighted, giving them extra dimension.

WHEW! That floor was a fun challenge. Please take note of how the painting looks at this point. I’ll say more about that in a moment. 

The seats of the chairs are painted with a mix of Dioxazine Purple + Magenta + White. Then the tabletop is added.

OK, compare this to the previous image with the unpainted seat covers. In reality the cushions on the chairs, where my collectors stayed on their honeymoon, were off white. However, by making them dark, we increase the intensity of the sunset! It’s much more vibrant now. This will become even more apparent when the flowers are planted.

Thanks for visiting my studio today! With Big Hugs,

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© Senkarik 2021

Painting Positano

March 23, 2021

Painting the dark bluff immediately makes the sunlit sky behind it GLOW! One of Jack’s favorite sayings was, “You can’t have Light without Dark!”

Because the sun is behind the bluff in the background, the buildings tumbling down the Positano hillside are in shadow. The entire area of the town is painted with various mixes of White + MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson), White + MUD + Cadmium Orange, White + MUD + Ultramarine Blue and White + MUD + Alizarin Crimson.

Next I begin adding definition to the buildings, with darker shadows and rooftops. Please remember, you may click on any of the images to see enlargements.

Some of the windows are now indicated. My goal is to paint Positano impressionistically, not to delineate each and every individual building, window and door. I just want to give the feel of this beautiful village in the background.

As evening approaches lights begin to glitter and gleam, contributing to the magical memories of my collectors.

The brilliance of the Bougainvillea makes the cooler, more muted colors in the distance drop back even more. Several mixes in different proportions of Permanent Rose + White are used for this colorful plant.

The long reaching vines of the Bougainvillea are drawn into the wet paint of the water. Working wet-into-wet makes it much easier to make the fine lines smooth.

The heart shaped backs of the chairs are also drawn into the wet background. If the paint of the water and beach were dry my brush would skip and jump over the uneven texture, making the lines of the wrought iron irregular and rough. 

That’s all for today. Thank you for following along, I hope you’ll come back and join us for our next session! With Big Hugs,

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© Senkarik 2021

Reflections in the Mediterranean

March 19, 2021

We begin painting with the sky. There are two reasons for this: FIRST, the light from the sky establishes the mood of the entire piece. SECOND, the sky is farthest away. I always start at the back of the composition and “Paint Forward”. The colors are all mixed for the Sunset Sky and we’re ready to get going. But before we do, here’s the color recipes: #1. White + Cobalt Blue. #2. Two lighter shades of White + Cobalt Blue. #3. White + Pthalo Blue. #4. MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + White. #5. Two mixes in different proportions of White + MUD + Alizarin Crimson + Cadmium Red Light. #6. White + Cadmium Red Light + Cadmium Orange.

The upper portion of the sky is painted with the #2 mixes. The darkest is used at the very top, the lighter mixture is used as I work downward. The blue sky closest to the horizon line is painted with mix #3. You may click on this or any of the other images to view enlargements.

Mixture #4 makes up the darkest part of the clouds, then I begin working the two #5 mixes into the upper parts of the fingers fanning out into the blue background. 

The lowering sun is behind the bluff, we don’t actually see it. BUT, the brilliant light illuminates the underside of the clouds peaking out from the mountain. A mix of White + Cadmium Yellow Medium is used for the golden highlights.

The sky is complete. Time to begin painting the ocean, glimmering with colorful reflections of the sky above. COME WATCH….

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: Painting the Sunset Reflections on the Mediterranean.

The distant horizon glitters with a streak of sunshine. 

Sky and Ocean are complete. I’ll continue “Painting Forward” in our next session, working on the distant bluff and then the village of Positano tumbling down the hillside. Hope you’ll come back to follow along. With Big Hugs,

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© Senkarik 2021

Positano on my Easel

March 17, 2021

Starting a new collaboration of Positano, Italy; my collectors spent the first few days of their honeymoon there! Laura was captivated by this bougainvillea cascading over the rail of their terrace.

So here’s my sketch. We going to incorporate some of the flowers from her wedding bouquet in the containers. You may click on this or any of the other images to see enlargements.

The horizon line is established first, then the angle of the terrace railing. Using a brush dipped in a thin oil mix of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin I begin drawing the distant bluff and hillside of Positano.

The vanishing point for the perspective of the chairs on the terrace is indicated by the red arrow. I run my brush, dipped in the MUD mix, along the edge of a long ruler to draw the perspective lines.

Using the same vanishing point the table top is sketched in.

Bracing my wrist against my maul stick, hooked over the top of my easel, steadies my hand as I draw the unique heart shaped design of the chair backs.

The large ceramic containers are washed in with a mix of Ultramarine Blue + Liquin.

The flowers are labeled so I don’t forget what we selected! I’ve been known to get the wrong flowers “planted” in my excitement of painting! Thanks for visiting my studio today.

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© Senkarik 2021


March 15, 2021

Can hardly believe we were in the middle of a DEEP FREEZE just a few weeks ago. Please feel free to CLICK on any of the pictures to see them larger.

You may remember my little pig kicking up his heels from a recent post. WELL rest assured, my Pig CAN FLY IN THE SNOW!

The scene from my back porch, as more snow fell two days later, was beautiful. BUT, this Southern Girl was absolutely Freezing! I am SO APPRECIATIVE of everyone’s concern and emails asking if I was OK. I was very fortunate, there were a lot of people who had it much, much worse than I did.

Now we are basking in the warmth of our normal Texas weather. Took these pictures this weekend. I found a couple of Geraniums at my local grocery store and grabbed them quickly. It’s so wonderful to have some color back in the garden. AND……notice the flush of pink in the background.

That’s my Redbuds starting to bloom! YIPPEE!!!!!

Pinkie, Rosie and Ruby are bursting out with Spring Cheer!

Mr. and Mrs. Plumbob, my Mexican Plum Trees, are too!

I’ve pruned the Rose arbors and they are putting on new growth. These Peggy Martin Roses will have beautiful soft pink blooms in about a month.

Tropicana Canna Lilies are peeking out!

The Red Yucca doesn’t want to be left out so he is sending up some flower stalks that will be attracting Hummingbirds before too long.

The California Poppies weren’t even fazed by the brutal cold. Almost as soon as the snow melted a few flowers popped out.

And last, but certainly not least, BLUEBONNETS! I discovered the first blossom of the season in my garden! The tiny Cobalt Blue petals and Star shaped leaf clusters signal the highly anticipated arrival of more of our beautiful Texas State Flowers. The lupines should be in full bloom in a few more weeks. I know it’s difficult to tell but I’m excited and my heart is singing! Spring is my favorite time of year! I’ve still got A LOT of cutting back and cleaning up to do in my garden, but as you can see, SPRING IS SPRINGING here! With Happy Spring Hugs,

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© Senkarik 2021

The Portrait

March 11, 2021

Finally I can show you “The Portrait” that I was working on a few weeks ago! My collector asked me to paint her with six of her co-workers in front of their office building.

Here they all are! The camera has caused some foreshortening, making their legs appear too short. So I will need to correct that when I draw them up on the canvas.

After lightly penciling in the figures I begin establishing the values and details using a thin oil wash of MUD (2 parts Ultramarine Blue + 1 part Alizarin Crimson). The reference photos are taped to the canvas, making them easy to refer to. Please remember as you read through my blog, you may click on any of the images to see them larger.

The trees in the background are at the height of their fall color, so I’ve washed them in with mixes of Alizarin Crimson + Liquin, Magenta + Liquin and Sap Green + Liquin. 

Next the sky and building are painted. The colors in the building are made cooler so it will recede into the distance. This follows a simple rule that helps to give the appearance of depth in a painting, Warm Colors Come Forward, Cool Colors Go Back.

I was right in the middle of this portrait when we lost power during that severe snowstorm we had here in Texas. The first day without electricity was sunny so I had enough light to paint the tree immediately behind the people. But then I had to wait a day and a half until the power came back on to work on the sidewalk and first two figures. The warmth of red blouse, foliage on the tree and terra cotta paver sidewalk, makes the building and vehicles in the parking lot fall back even more. 

I go ahead and begin painting all of the faces. 

Once all the faces are complete the clothing is painted.

The brightness of the clothing and overall detail in the figures combines two methods that give depth to a painting. Detail Comes Forward, Less Detailed Objects Go Back and Bright Colors Come Forward, Duller Colors Recede! This gives you an overall synopsis of the process of ‘The Portrait’. I actually took me a couple of weeks to paint this 20 inch by 24 inch piece. I appreciate you following along on my blog! Hugs,

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© Senkarik 2021