Can hardly believe we were in the middle of a DEEP FREEZE just a few weeks ago. Please feel free to CLICK on any of the pictures to see them larger.

You may remember my little pig kicking up his heels from a recent post. WELL rest assured, my Pig CAN FLY IN THE SNOW!

The scene from my back porch, as more snow fell two days later, was beautiful. BUT, this Southern Girl was absolutely Freezing! I am SO APPRECIATIVE of everyone’s concern and emails asking if I was OK. I was very fortunate, there were a lot of people who had it much, much worse than I did.

Now we are basking in the warmth of our normal Texas weather. Took these pictures this weekend. I found a couple of Geraniums at my local grocery store and grabbed them quickly. It’s so wonderful to have some color back in the garden. AND……notice the flush of pink in the background.

That’s my Redbuds starting to bloom! YIPPEE!!!!!

Pinkie, Rosie and Ruby are bursting out with Spring Cheer!

Mr. and Mrs. Plumbob, my Mexican Plum Trees, are too!

I’ve pruned the Rose arbors and they are putting on new growth. These Peggy Martin Roses will have beautiful soft pink blooms in about a month.

Tropicana Canna Lilies are peeking out!

The Red Yucca doesn’t want to be left out so he is sending up some flower stalks that will be attracting Hummingbirds before too long.

The California Poppies weren’t even fazed by the brutal cold. Almost as soon as the snow melted a few flowers popped out.

And last, but certainly not least, BLUEBONNETS! I discovered the first blossom of the season in my garden! The tiny Cobalt Blue petals and Star shaped leaf clusters signal the highly anticipated arrival of more of our beautiful Texas State Flowers. The lupines should be in full bloom in a few more weeks. I know it’s difficult to tell but I’m excited and my heart is singing! Spring is my favorite time of year! I’ve still got A LOT of cutting back and cleaning up to do in my garden, but as you can see, SPRING IS SPRINGING here! With Happy Spring Hugs,

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13 Responses to “Past the DEEP FREEZE!”

  1. Dwight & Laurie Patterson Says:

    Wow! Isn’t nature amazing!

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      ABSOLUTELY! And the plants that survived that I thought didn’t make it. My beds of Aloe Vera just melted in the cold. BUT, I’m clearing them out and underneath all the dead brown mess little babies are coming up! Thank you God! I especially love these because they attract Hummingbirds.

  2. Athira Says:


  3. kbasli Says:

    Yeah! Spring is coming!

  4. Paula Somerville Says:

    Your photos are beautiful!! Hope you are doing well❤️

    We finally got our 2nd vaccine and are elated. Madison takes her 1st communion on Maundy Thursday and we will get to be there!!

    Hope to see you soon❣️

  5. roseherczeg Says:

    Oh Mikki, thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos! So glad to know that Spring is Springing up in your yard and that you survived the deep freeze. I can feel your joy and your photos bring me much joy as well! Hugs and love, Rose

  6. Patricia Ann Ingram Says:

    WOW! I feel so blessed traveling through your beautiful garden. I’m not physically able to take care of my yard so I have no plants nor trees (very small area). Thank you so much for letting me visit. I miss watching plants grow and smelling fresh flowers. My lovely neighbor across the street is planting new fruit trees and lots of flowers so I can sit on my front porch swing and enjoy her yard. I ask God’s blessings to all who have green thumbs and can’t wait to see more of your beautiful flowers on canvas as well as in your garden. May God Bless

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Patricia, I appreciate your visit to my garden! I’m so glad that you’re blessed with a neighbor who has a green thumb and you can enjoy her garden from your front porch swing. May Our Lord fill your heart with His joy and peace.

  7. Athira Says:

    Always welcome

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