Red Roses for Valentine’s!

2015-2-12 Red Roses for Valentines 1

That Jack is full of surprises. He hauled me to the nursery so he could help pick out my Valentine’s present! RED ROSES. Right next to my Christmas Irises that are still awarding us with joyful blooms. Well….. Alright. You might not be able to enjoy the Roses at this moment but check out the picture below.

knocokut-rose-tree-star-400This is a mature Double Knock Out Rose Tree we found on

Isn’t ours going to be pretty? We’ll have Red Valentine Roses from Spring til Frost, which in this area is November, December or sometimes as late as January. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all of you. Jack and I appreciate you more that you’ll ever know. Thanks for following along. BIG HUGS,

Mikki and Jack signature small  JPEG

3 Responses to “Red Roses for Valentine’s!”

  1. joannecali Says:

    wow, how gorgeous, with the draping violet blooms!

  2. Betty McLean Henderson Says:

    How wonderful! Now you can have live roses every day instead of just a bouquet that fades in a few days. So lucky to have each other!

  3. Sallie Nardone Says:

    What a beautiful photograph-every lady needs a “Jack”- how thoughtful – I wish you both a belated Valentine’s Day – I enjoy your emails so much – Sallie

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